Скачать фильмыВедь я мечтаю о том что и ты тоже скачать песню

Ведь я мечтаю о том что и ты тоже скачать песню

Freund der Raumfahrt möchte ich Ihnen mein Mitgefühl zum Schicksal Ihres wunderbaren Raumgleiters «Buran» aussprechen. Ich erinnere mich noch ведь я мечтаю о том что и ты тоже скачать песню, als am 15. September 1988 Buran in Baikonur landete.

Mir war schon immer klar, dass Russland zu den ersten Nationen in der Welt zählt. Bahlshol Spaseeba for your marvellous masterpiece on the Buran Space Transportation System. I am indeed very impressed by the advances in Great Russia’s space technologies, much of which have gone unknown in the new world that was born after the Cold War. I can’t help but salute all those at Molniya Inc. Soviet Russian project — my word to all of you is: Don’t Give Up! I was looking on your pages and it is great and big job, thank you for that.

The images displayed on your website are very interesting. First I want to say that my English is bad, if I write in Spanish I think that you don’t understand me. I want to congratulate for your page or for you work in to do this page, beause is very very big, I never watched any page with a lot of information about the «Buran» and the other things about space I think that this page is the best. Although is very difficult read in Russian. I like your country In the future I hope visit to Gorky Park, the How do you say the center, where you’ve a palace a yes thr Red Square and if I have a lot of money in the future I want to know the «Soyuz» and can travel in your tours.

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