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Snowdrop — с английского языка переводится как подснежник или белоснежный. После сказки на английском вы найдете ссылку на русскую версию сказки и видео ролик оригами — как you spin me round скачать подснежник из бумаги. It was the middle of winter, when the broad flakes of snow were falling around, that the queen of a country many thousand miles off sat working at her window.

Tell me, glass, tell me true! Who is fairest, tell me, who? Thou, queen, art the fairest in all the land. But Snowdrop is lovelier far than thee!

Take Snowdrop away into the wide wood, that I may never see her any more. I will not hurt you, thou pretty child. In the evening she came to a cottage among the hills, and went in to rest, for her little feet would carry her no further. By and by in came the masters of the cottage. Now they were seven little dwarfs, that lived among the mountains, and dug and searched for gold. They lighted up their seven lamps, and saw at once that all was not right. Who has been sitting on my stool?

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